EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board

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EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Board / 2×16 LCD / USB Cable

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EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA board is the low cost and feature rich development board with Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. The FPGA kit consist of 26 External I/O, USB UART, USB JTAG, WiFi, Bluetooth, SPI FLASH, ADC, DAC, LCD, 7 segment, VGA, PS2, Buzzer, Temperature Sensor and LDR. It also provides additional interface like CMOS Camera and TFT Display at the expansion connectors.

EDGE FPGA kit is ready to use Laboratory kit for ECE Curriculum. It can be useful for developing basic to intermediate level digital circuits.

Advantage of EDGE FPGA kit is easy to implement plenty of applications ranging from Wireless control, Image/video Processing, Internet of Things without additional interfaces.

Note: The EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development board is fully compatible with Xilinx ISE, EDK, System Generator and ChipscopePro Tools at ease with on-board USB JTAG Interface.

Xilinx offers free WebPACK™ versions of ISE tool, so designs can be implemented at no additional cost.

EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA kit Broucher


  • Xilinx XC6SLX9 Spartan-6 FPGA
  • 8Mb SPI FLASH Memory
  • On-Board USB JTAG Programmer
  • USB to UART Interface
  • 4 Digit Seven Segment Display
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • 12 bit VGA Interface
  • 8 Channel SPI ADC
  • 50 MHz Clock
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LDR Interface
  • 2x16 LCD Display
  • PS2 compatible USB interface
  • 16 Slide switches
  • 5 Push Button
  • 5v Buzzer
  • 16 LEDs
  • 26 External I/O's
Spartan 6 fpga block diagram

Package Includes

  • EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board
  • USB Cable
  • LCD Display 16x2
  • CMOS VGA Camera (optional)
  • SPI TFT (optional)
  • Acrylic Sheet Top/Bottom (optional)
  • Lab Protection Box (optional)

Product Applications

Wireless Communication
IoT (Internet of Things)
Environment monitor
Product Prototyping
Image Processing
Video Processing

Product Video

Accelerometer, Gesture, Touch and Ultra Sonic Sensor demo on EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board

FPGA Tutorial - Internet of Things (IoT)

FPGA Tutorial - ALU

EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development board

FPGA Tutorial - Binary counter

FPGA Tutorial - Full Adder

Getting Started with Xilinx ISE 14.7 - EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Kit

FPGA Tutorial - BCD to 7 Segment Display

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    Additional information


    Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX9 TQG144, 9152 Logic Elements, 589824 bits of Block RAM


    8 MByte for FPGA Configuration


    ESP-12F WIFI Modem


    12-bit, 4096 Color


    Bluetooth BLE 4.0


    8 channel 12-bit SPI ADC, 6 channel available at J7 Connector.


    LM35 Temperature Sensor




    12-bit SPI DAC output at J7 Connector


    Stereo Jack

    7 segment Display

    4-Digit 7 Segment Display


    2×16 Character LCD


    5v Piezo Buzzer

    Slide Switch

    16 Nos of SPDT


    16 Nos of LEDs

    Push Button

    5 Nos of Push Button


    Keyboard interface on USB connector. Only compatible with 3.3v Keyboard.


    USB JTAG for Programming and Debugging. Fully Compatible with Xilinx iMPACT, Chipscope Pro, Xilinx System Generator, Xilinx Platform Studio.


    USB UART can communicate at different baud rate


    50 MHz

    24 reviews for EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board

    1. Saravanan

      The product is excellent for IoT, video and audio applications. Technical support is excellent.

    2. Madan

      im the student of Diploma in ece my project is based on FPGA Spartan 6 so im looking for it and i saw edge FPGA kit company, go through their product it was good what i expected main pro is that bluetooth module is designed in it that was impressed me even our lecturers. Finally support person is very helpful for us when i have doubts i called him. he explained everything because of him i got marks in my project work. quality and price is satisfied.

    3. annima gupta

      My experience with spartan edge 6 is amazing. easy to program and understand. Moreover, the customer support they provide for right from basic setup to programming is impeccable. Support staff has always been a great help in learning and debugging related to the board as well as Xilinx

    4. AK

      Edge Spartan-6 board is simply awesome. Made me jump start with FPGA in no time. The tutorial material and examples worked effortlessly. Training provided by developer Mr. Shahul was fantastic and helped me work on advanced features of the board quite quickly. Highly recommend the product to those who want to work with spartan 6. Thanks team “allaboutfpga”.


    5. Muneeb

      I am very satisfied with the EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Board. I ordered it online from Germany and got it in 10 days. The example codes are a great way to get a basic feeling of the working of Board. Moreover, the online support is more than satisfactory. I usually get a reply within one day.
      Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his skills with FPGA.

    6. Girish Guntupalli

      Board is quite good! And the support given by them when I face some issues are great!

    7. Madhur

      I would like to recommend this board, for the kind of prompt support I am getting for any sort of hardware or software related issues I faced while using this board.
      Value for money.

    8. Vysagh

      Really satisfied and happy with the purchase.
      Great Dev Platform to start building your prototypes, and added to that very good documentation and immediate assistance with any issues.
      Keep up the good work!

    9. Vivek Dharmarajan

      Edge Spartan6 board is very useful. The support is good too. Issues are rectified promptly.

    10. Dr.Prakash

      EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA development board is an excellent kit for beginners like me. This provides feasibility approach to test our ideas as well. Because of the features included with kit.

    11. Gowtham Raj G

      I purchased this product and it was very useful with so many interfaces. Also the support from technical sideto implement the concept is very much satisfied and worth to purchase the product. Have many plans with this board to develop various applications.

    12. Sachin Singh

      One of the best FPGA board for beginners, provided with multiple on-board peripherals like Bluetooth, WiFi, LCD,etc. Guides and examples are sufficient to start burning codes and learning more.

    13. Esakki

      Nice work with Edge Spartan6 FPGA Board. Great!! Technical support. I recommend this product for fresher and college students.

    14. mitchell

      Ordered the product from Boston. To my surprise, i received the product in 2 days!
      Tested with example codes and all looks fine. Planning to develop new application with it. Will share more details once i started working on my project.

    15. Sam Thomas

      The FPGA board has all the required components required to start learning FPGA. From the basics of LED control to WIFI and bluetooth module which was already attached to the board is available. Also the TFT board and camera module helps in image processing experiments. Overall satisfied with the board design and also the support offered by the company. The example codes were also made available by the seller which was useful for me to get started.

    16. Imran

      Kind of support provided by them is awesome.
      Definitely a good for FPGA community.

    17. ambujmaurya007

      Wonderful board and so much things in one board at reasonable price and wonderful support with one day delivery. I would definitely recommend to all my friends who are looking to buy FPGA boards

    18. Ramaanujam

      Best board for learning FPGA implementation. I love the board for it’s features.

    19. Marshallantony

      Faced issue in driver installation. Great support from support guy in solving issue on window 10 OS. ????

      Regarding product quality, awesome ????

    20. Naresh

      Value for money and good packing.

    21. senthil Kumar

      I purchased this FPGA kit for my phd work on image and video processing. Working good for my purpose.

    22. Amar Singh

      I recommend EDGE Spartan6 FPGA board for beginners. The complete set of interfaces help me to learn a lot with FPGA.

    23. Haripriya R

      I was looking out for a FPGA board which is user compatible, especially for the students with no prior experience to an fpga kit. That is when I got to know about this product. It is an amazing board for developing buddies with interest in FPGA. It provides all the necessary basic modules required to learn and expertise in FPGA. Thanks for this product!

    24. Abinav

      FPGA with IoT is what i am looking for my academic project. I come across this EDGE Spartan6 FPGA Development Board with WIFI ready! Happy with my purchase.

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