Low Cost and Feature Packed FPGA Development Kit for Beginners.

8500 INR / 132 USD

Best Rated and All in One FPGA kit to work with Latest Xilinx Vivado Design Suite.

12500 INR / 175 USD

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The ultimate FPGA kit for Academic Projects

On-board USB Programmer, WiFi/Bluetooth Connectivity, ADC/DAC Converter, Camera/Display Interface, VGA/HDMI Display Port and Lot of Switches and LED's

On-board USB Programmer
Iot Ready WiFi Connectivity
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Ready
VGA/HDMI Display Port
ADC/DAC Converter
Camera/Display Interface

EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development board

EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Development board is the feature rich development board with Spartan 6 FPGA, SPI FLASH, ADC, DAC, LCD, 7 segment Display, WiFi, Bluetooth, CMOS Camera and TFT Display.

The EDGE Spartan 6 board is fully compatible with Xilinx ISE, EDK, System Generator and ChipscopePro Tools at ease with on-board USB JTAG Interface. Xilinx offers free WebPACK™ versions of ISE tool for working.

EDGE Artix 7 FPGA Development Board

EDGE Artix 7 FPGA Development board is upgraded version of EDGE Spartan 6 board. It is exclusively designed for the latest vivado Design Suite.

The EDGE Artix 7 board includes most of the interfaces present on EDGE Spartan 6 board plus external memory SRAM, HDMI Out and Micro SD interface. Microblaze softcore processor design can be easily implemented with SRAM using vivado SDK.

Choosing the right FPGA Kit?

EDGE Spartan 6 VS Artix 7 FPGA Kit!


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Haripriya R Chennai, India
I was looking out for a FPGA board which is user compatible, especially for the students with no prior experience to an fpga kit. That is when I got to know about this product. It is an amazing board for developing buddies with interest in FPGA. It provides all the necessary basic modules required to learn and expertise in FPGA. Thanks for this product!
Amar Singh Delhi, India
I recommend EDGE Spartan6 FPGA board for beginners. The complete set of interfaces help me to learn a lot with FPGA.
Ambuj Maurya Bangalore, India

Wonderful board and so much things in one board at reasonable price and wonderful support with one day delivery. I would definitely recommend to all my friends who are looking to buy FPGA boards.

Complete 90 Days Warrenty

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Frequently asked questions

EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Kit works with Xilinx ISE 14.7 Free Web Edition Software.

EDGE Artix 7 works with Xilinx Vivado 2018 Free Web Edition Software.

By Default EDGE Boards are powered through the USB port. External 5 V power adapter is optional. It is required only when the application require higher current then USB .

Currently, we are selling EDGE boards only from allaboutfpga.com . We ship the product to most of the countries worldwide.

We will provide support related to installation and tool working. Also example codes for the EDGE board will be provided.