IoT Covid19 updates in 2×16 LCD and VGA Monitor using EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit

This project visualizes the current data of the coronavirus outbreak of India in real-time on a VGA monitor and also display in 2X16 LCD using EDGE Artix 7 FPGA board.

Block Diagram

Flow of operation

In this project, we are reading the Total cases, Death and recovered corona virus cases.

Thingspeak App creation

ThingHTTP App is used to retrieve the covid data from WorldOMeters website.
First create an account in ThingSpeak if you haven’t.
And to show you an example we took the Covid cases in India . Give the name and copy the below given URL (i.e)

Now you go to WorldOmeters, the CoronaVirus meter
Right Click on the India cases and click on the inspect as shown below

It will bring the new page. Now right click on the highlighted line and copy the xpath as shown below

And now you go back to your ThingHTTP we called it “covid19 live outbreak” and scroll down and paste it in Parse String, and press “Save ThingHTTP”

Now you will see the URL in your right hand as shown below.

AT commands for communicaton

We have to program FPGA for ESP8266 to send the required AT commands and to establish a connection between the FPGA and thingspeak server. provides the 16 digit unique API key which helps to get the data from our thingspeak cloud.

we have used multiple AT commands to establish connection between system and thingspeak server. Those are given below

AT+CWJAP=”WIFINAME”,”Password” Enter your wifiname and wifipassword to connect the ESP wifi module which is present in FPGA board to internet.

AT+CIPSTART=”TCP”,”″,80 Connecting to TCT IP Address of cloud

AT+CIPSEND=60 Prepare to send 60 letter of words to thingspeak

GET /apps/thinghttp/send_request?api_key=2AK0CVF96EXUY4RM We Request our cloud to receive the data in FPGA.

The RxD is the WIFI receiver port which gets the data from the thingspeak cloud and processes it in the EDGE Artix 7 FPGA board. Then the received data is displayed in the both 2X16 LCD display and VGA monitor as shown below

List of I/O ports and its description

Clk_in 50Mhz clock input
Pb logic signal which, when active, resets the system
RxD WIFI reception data line
TxD WIFI transmission data line
LCD_RS Shift between command/data register
LCD_E Toggled between 1 and 0 for data acknowledgement
LCD_DB(7:0) 8 bit data line to send 8 bit data
VSYNC VGA vertical synchronizing line
HSYNC VGA Horizontal synchronizing line
RGB(11:0) 12 bit color data line
LED(1:0) LED outputs for WIFI_RX_LCD state changing

Project Demo on EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit

IoT Covid19 updates in 2x16 LCD and VGA Monitor using EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit

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