Introducing Motor Drive Addon for EDGE FPGA kit

Invent Logics bring you the motor driver interface card with motors and relay module. This motor driver can be directly connected with EDGE FPGA kits via 2×10 pin female header available on all the EDGE FPGA kits

Motor driver interface card is designed with Texas Instruments motor control driver IC. Addon cards comes along with Stepper motor, DC Motor, Servo Motor and 2 channel Relay module. Also includes 12v power adaptor to provide power to motor driver addon card.

Stepper Motor

To connect Bipolar stepper motor, there are 4 pins are available at the motor connector addon card. Those pins are named as step1, step2, step3 and step4.

Stepper Motor consist of wires black, green, red and blue. some time white and yellow wires available along with remininig wires. Black and Green wire belongs to same winding and yellow is the center tap wire which can left unconnected. Similarly Red and Blue wire belongs to same winding and white is the center tap can be left unconnected.

We can connect step1 and step2 pins of addon card to Red and Blue wires. step3 and step4 pins of addon card to Black and Green wires.

To run the bipolar stepper motor we need to provide the following sequence.

Stepper motor Example code provided with motor drive addon card demonstrate Driection and speed control of Stepper motor using VHDL.

DC Motor

Motor driver addon includes geared DC motor which can run at the speed of 300 RPM. To connect the DC motor to Motor driver addon card. DC1 and DC2 pin of J3 connector is directly connected to motor pins.

Variable PWM is generated to increase or decrease the speed of the DC motor and HDL code is provided to demonstrate the same.

The average DC voltage value for 0% duty cycle is zero; with 25% duty cycle the average value is 3V (25% of 12V). With a 50% duty cycle the average value is 6V, and so on. The maximum duty cycle can be 100%, which is equivalent to a DC waveform. Thus by varying the pulse-width, we can vary the average voltage across a DC motor and hence its speed.

Both Stepper Motor and DC motor operate at 12V power supply connected at the motor drive addon.

Servo Motor

Motor drive addon also includes metal geared Servo Motor. Servo Motor can be used to move an object in high precision. Object can be moved at an exact angle with the help of servo motor.

Motor drive addon card contains 3 pins. Ground, VCC(5v) and PWM pins. We can directly connect brown to ground pin, red to vcc pin and orange to PWM pin.

Example HDL code is provided to demonstrate the servo Motor movement in a specific angle.

2 channel Relay

Motor drive addon also provided with 2 channel 5v relay interface with EDGE FPGA kits. These relays can control external appliances of upto 250VAC 10A or 30VDC 10A.

Example HDL code provided to control these relays via bluetooth devices. Relay can be ON/OFF via mobile device.

Stepper, DC, Servo Motor and Relay control using EDGE Artix 7 FPGA Kit - Motor Drive Addon

To purchase Motor drive addon card please check the following product page.

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