Social distancing with Gesture based door/light control using Edge Artix 7 FPGA board

In this project, we have implemented the hand gesture based Door open/close and Light on/off system using Edge Artix 7 FPGA board. This reminds people to avoid touching of door.

Hardware Required

Edge Artix 7 FPGA development board

Edge digital sensor Add-on

Edge motor drive Add-on (Servo motor/relay)

Block Diagram

Project explanation

In our project, we have introduced an innovative way of practicing social distancing with gesture based door control system. This is a prototype but it could also be used in real life situations; it would be helpful in many public places and in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Flow of Operation:

The Ultrasonic sensor always measures the distance of the person near the door and display the distance in 7 segment display.

LCD display shows “Don’t touch the door keep distance” as a warning message.

If the person reaches near the door at less than 1 meter, the alarm will be on and also display the message in LCD as “Use Hand Gesture to open/close door”. This distance can be changed according to your preferences but it has to be more than 1 metre.

Now the person has to do the hand gesture to open or close the door.   The door is connected with the servo motor. If we do the hand gesture left to right, the servo motor will move forward and door will open. If we do the hand gesture right to left, the servo motor will move backward and door will close.

And also we can turn on and off the light in the room by hand gesture.  For the light on and off, do the hand gesture top to bottom and vice versa. The light is connected with the relay which is act as a switch.

List of I/O ports and its description

CLOCK 50Mhz clock input
RESET logic signal which, when active, resets the system
AN Anode output pin
SSEG(7:0) 8 bit 7 segment output
PULSE_PIN Ultrasonic sensor output pin
TRIGGER_PIN Ultrasonic sensor input pin
SERVO Servo motor output
SCL Serial clock line for Gesture sensor
SDA Serial data line for Gesture sensor
LCD_E LCD enable output line
LCD_RS LCD register select line
DATA(7:0) 8 bit output data line
ALARM Buzzer output
RELAY(1:0) Relay output

Project Demo on EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit

Social Distancing with Gesture based Door/ Light Control using EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit

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