Block RAM and Distributed RAM in Xilinx FPGA

Block RAM:

  • Xilinx FPGA Consist of 2 columns of memory called Block RAM or BRAM.
  • It is a Dual port memory with separate Read/Write port.
  • It can be  configured as different data width 16Kx1, 8Kx8, 4Kx4 and so on.
  • BRAM can be excellent for FIFO implementation.
  • Multiple blocks can be cascaded to create still larger memory.
  • The block RAM functions as dual or single-port memory.
  •  The maximum data path width of the block RAM is 18 bits.


Distributed RAM:

  • CLB LUT configurable as Distributed RAM
  • A LUT equals 16×1 RAM
  • Implements Single and DualPorts
  • Cascade LUTs to increase RAM size
  • Synchronous write and Synchronous/Asynchronous read

Distributed RAM

2 thoughts on “Block RAM and Distributed RAM in Xilinx FPGA”

  1. Maybe, you should note which FPGA(s) you are referring to, because these values are not true for e.g. Xilinx Virtex FPGAs.

    – max datapath width of Virtex-5 BlockRAMs: 72 bits
    – most (Xilinx) FPGAs have more than 2 BlockRAM columns
    – distributed RAMs can also be used to build FIFOs and shift registers



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