Learn FPGA: EDGE FPGA kits tutorial series

This tutorial series consists of learning VHDL programming with vivado design suite using EDGE Spartan 7 FPGA kit and EDGE Artix 7 FPGA kit. Getting Started with edge spartan 7 FPGA kit using Vivado Design Suite 4-bit Adder implementation using Half Adder and Full Adder on EDGE Spartan 7 FPGA kit 4×4 Multiplier implemented using … Read more

Introduction and Advantages of Digital Sensor Addon for EDGE FPGA kit

Digital Sensor Addon card is designed to interface 4 digital sensor modules to EDGE FPGA kits. Those sensor includes 3 axis accelerometer, Hand Gesture recognition sensor, Capacitive Touch Sensor and Ultrasonic Sensor. Advantages are the sensor data can be accessed in the cloud by using Wifi module available on EDGE FPGA kits. Also helpful in … Read more

Introducing Motor Drive Addon for EDGE FPGA kit

Invent Logics bring you the motor driver interface card with motors and relay module. This motor driver can be directly connected with EDGE FPGA kits via 2×10 pin female header available on all the EDGE FPGA kits Motor driver interface card is designed with Texas Instruments motor control driver IC. Addon cards comes along with … Read more

Tutorial 3: ALU Structural Modelling FPGA Implementation

ALU ALU internally always do multiple operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We have to specify which result you want to return as an output by using control lines. In this tutorial, We are implementing 3 bit ALU with Adder, Subtractor, Multiplier and comparator. To perform this ALU Demo, we are using Slide Switch … Read more


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