Introducing Motor Drive Addon for EDGE FPGA kit

Invent Logics bring you the motor driver interface card with motors and relay module. This motor driver can be directly connected with EDGE FPGA kits via 2×10 pin female header available on all the EDGE FPGA kits Motor driver interface card is designed with Texas Instruments motor control driver IC. Addon cards comes along with … Read more

FPGA Implementation of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things IoT is the way of connecting physical objects with IP address to the cloud or any other internet connected device around the world. Data collected from IoT devices can be useful in system monitoring and control in large scale.  IoT applications Consumer applications like smart home automation, elder people caring system. commercial … Read more

Tutorial 3: ALU Structural Modelling FPGA Implementation

ALU ALU internally always do multiple operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We have to specify which result you want to return as an output by using control lines. In this tutorial, We are implementing 3 bit ALU with Adder, Subtractor, Multiplier and comparator. To perform this ALU Demo, we are using Slide Switch … Read more

Tutorial 1: Binary Counter FPGA Implementation

In this tutorial, We implemented 4 bit binary counter using EDGE Spartan 6 FPGA Kit. It counts at every 0.5 sec. We already designed 4 bit Binary counter for simulation which counts at input clock frequency (20 ns). As a result we can’t visually differentiate the counting sequence with on-board LEDs as it is counting … Read more


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