Sequence Detector using Mealy and Moore State Machine VHDL Codes

Mealy State Machine
The Output of the state machine depends on both present state and current input. When the input changes,the output of the state machine updated without waiting for change in clock input.
Moore State Machine
The Output of the State machine depends only on present state. The output of state machine are only updated at the clock edge.

Carry Save Adder VHDL Code

carry save adder vhdl code

Carry save adder used to perform 3 bit addition at once. Here 3 bit input (A, B, C) is processed and converted to 2 bit output (S, C) at first stage.  At first stage result carry is not propagated through  addition operation. In order to generate carry, implemented ripple carry adder on stage 2 for carry propagation. Carry Save adder VHDL Code can be constructed by port mapping full adder VHDL Code to 2 stage adder circuit.

Carry Look Ahead Adder VHDL Code

4 bit carry look ahead adder vhdl

Carry Look Ahead Adder is fastest adder compared Ripple carry Adder. For the Purpose of carry Propagation, Carry look Ahead Adder construct Partial Full Adder, Propagation and generation Carry block. It avoid Carry propagation through each adder.

In order to implement Carry Look Ahead Adder, first implement Partial Full Adder and then Carry logic using Propagation and generation Block.

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